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What is Thrive?

Thrive trains and recruits aspiring changemakers for roles at purpose-driven businesses to support them to solve some of the world's biggest problems like climate change, reducing waste, promoting equality, and transforming education. We aim to serve over 400 young job seekers in Toronto, Montreal, and globally by 2024.


The Thrive Community

Are you a student or young professional 30 or under looking to start an impact-driven career? Do you need support finding meaningful work related to sustainability, education, or promoting equality and diversity?

Join Thrive's community to connect with 360+ like-minded changemakers, get inspired by our monthly webinars, develop your career skills in our workshops, and improve your job search skills through our Impact Career Program.

Student SDG
School/Universiy Progams

Thrive's Services

All of our offerings aim to support purpose-driven companies with their hiring needs and young talent to further develop their career skills. Currently, we focus primarily on supporting companies and young talent dedicated to climate action (SDG 13), circular economy (SDG 12), promoting equality (SDG 10), and transforming education (SDG 4).

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Impact Career Program

Do you want to promote your business, advertise an open role, and support aspiring changemakers?

Then sponsor one of our Impact Career Programs (ICPs) and you can get these benefits:

  • Logo in ICP promo content

  • 2 min introduction during an ICP group call

  • Final progress overview of ICP participants

  • Promote an open role to ICP participants

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Impact Talent Recruitment

Do you need to get high quality talent for your impact business?

Then let us provide you with the following recruitment support package:

  • Job description & job post that attracts the right talent

  • Promote role in our community, across social media, & on job boards

  • List of 5–10 pre-screened top candidates in 1–2 weeks

  • 1 screened new hire with a 90-day guarantee

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Impact Hiring Consulting

Do you need tailored recruitment support, yet have a limited budget?


Then let us provide you with a flexible hiring and recruitment consultation that can include:

  • Support at the different steps of your hiring process

  • Improvement of your recruitment process from start to finish

  • Development of your onboarding and/or training program, and more!

What do our clients say about us?
Stéphanie Bernier-Monzon  (Montreal)
Communications Manager at impak

Thrive helped us find a marketing specialist, Mark, who has been with us for almost a year and after a short period of re-evaluation and close follow-ups, we can finally say that he meets our expectations. He is motivated by our project, embodies our values, shows initiative and delivers good results.

Philippe Choinière (Montreal)
CEO of Oneka

The Impact Career Program is an innovative new approach to recruiting that helps reach talents that would have been out of reach otherwise and prepares young talent for the workforce.

Renata Ortega (Toronto)
VP Business Development at 
Waste Reduction Group

Thrive offers very competitive pricing and Mario helps with connecting sustainable impact businesses with like minded candidates. He helped us get two new top quality waste auditors.

Want to learn more?

Current & Past Partners

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